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RipCode Announces General Availability of On-Demand Video Transcoding Appliance

Dallas(9/17/2007) -

RipCode, Inc. today announced the general availability of its RipCode V4 video transcoding appliance, an innovative, on demand transcoding solution that revolutionizes the way Internet and mobile video is prepared and delivered to consumers.

RipCode?s patent-pending transcoding appliance rapidly processes multiple video files simultaneously for viewing across a variety of media including PCs, mobile phones and iPods?. This consolidated, high concurrency processing eliminates the need for broadcasters, syndicators or user generated video sites to pre-transcode and store multiple file formats of their entire video library. By dynamically transcoding video on demand, operators can monetize their entire library of video content ? not just the most widely viewed titles ? enabling them to grow their business and add new revenue streams.

?We?re seeing a huge rise in Internet and mobile video consumption, an ever-increasing number of viewing screen sizes, and the continued growth of the video long tail,? said RipCode CEO Brendon Mills. ?The current market requires a new approach to video transcoding ? an often overlooked, yet critical part of the network infrastructure. We?ve long believed that RipCode is the most viable solution for the future, and successful trials with numerous customers have confirmed that. The RipCode V4 appliance allows content providers to efficiently grow their business and add new revenue through cross marketing of video content.?

The leading lifestyle portal MySpaceTV is among RipCode?s first customers to complete a successful trial of the RipCode V4 transcoding appliance. This sets MySpaceTV apart as the largest video Web site to address the growing volume of video transcodes using an appliance-based solution.
Until now, video transcoding happened using software solutions that run on servers. These servers, however, are expensive, slow and utilize a disproportionate amount of power and space to keep up with the volume of videos uploaded daily. RipCode is the first company to address video transcoding as a true network appliance, a far more efficient solution for content providers. On average, one RipCode unit replaces 10-20 general purpose servers, saving both space and energy usage. Using best-in-class digital-signal processor (DSP) technology, the RipCode V4 simultaneously supports stream-to-stream, file-to-file, and on demand transcoding in a single appliance for optimal flexibility in addressing a wide range of video application needs.

IDC published a white paper today, written by analysts Greg Ireland and Lewis Ward, called, ?Transcoding Internet and Mobile Video: Solutions for the Long Tail? that discusses the market challenges RipCode was designed to address. It reports on the growth of Internet video, the complexities of mobile video delivery, the long tail of video content and the critical role of transcoding to provide viewing ubiquity.

?The promise of the long tail is that with millions of videos available, every consumer can find content to fit his or her needs. Yet with the long tail comes the challenge of making millions of videos available even when usage of most individual titles is minimal. This challenge is intrinsically tied to the notion of transcoding,? said Ireland. ?Transcoding on demand represents an approach that can provide the market with a scalable, efficient means to deliver the long tail. It also gives content providers and syndicators the ability to cross market and monetize all of their video titles, not just those that are the most popular.?

IDC reports that the inherent complexities of mobile video also demand a new approach to transcoding. ?Mobile video introduces another layer of complexity and opportunity into the mix. There are a dozen wireless network operators each with at least a million customers in the U.S., and each with a unique infrastructure, network and device line up,? said Ireland. ?With hundreds of different handsets in use today, content providers are forced to offer up to 70 unique video files for each piece of content. All told, a single video can be transcoded a hundred times.?

IDC research found there were 6.7 million subscribers and customers of mobile video and TV services as of the end of 2006. IDC forecasts the number of customers and subscribers of mobile video and TV services should reach 25 million by 2011 (a 31% CAGR), blowing past a billion dollars in annual revenue in the process.

IDC goes on to report that the volume of transcode transactions is expected to explode in the coming years as consumption continues to increase. IDC projects downloaded and streaming video in the United States to be consumed at an average rate of over 1,200 terabytes a day in 2007, nearly double the estimated 700 terabytes a day in 2006. In 2011, IDC projects nearly 7,800 terabytes of video a day will be streamed or downloaded off of online video services.

To download the complete IDC white paper, or for more information on the RipCode V4 transcoding appliance, visit www.ripcode.com.

About RipCode
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, RipCode is the first company to address video transcoding as a true network appliance. Designed to process multiple concurrent, parallel transcode paths, RipCode significantly accelerates the re-purposing of mobile TV, social networking video and studio-based productions. This consolidated, high concurrency processing enables RipCode to lower the physical barriers now restricting content from being viewed on multiple viewing mediums, supplant existing servers and reduce overall hardware, storage, and energy usage. RipCode products support file-to-file, stream-to-stream and an innovative on-demand transcoding for optimal flexibility in mobile and user generated content applications. Founded in 2005, RipCode is privately held and backed by leading venture capital firms including Hunt Ventures, Vesbridge Partners, El Dorado Ventures and ATA Ventures. For more information, visit www.ripcode.com.

RipCode, Inc.
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