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Nordija facilitates new HD portal from Waoo!

Leading Danish broadband and TV provider Waoo! has launched a new TV portal, for which Nordija has developed a brand new, updated and simplified user experience in full High-Definition.
Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark(3/25/2014) -

Thanks to the new Portal, Waoo! subscribers now have access to more and richer content and services, as well as easier navigation. Its sleek and seamless user experience, was developed around middleware from Nordija. Waoo! has been working with Nordija as middleware partner since 2010. Technological innovations and changing customer behaviour led the company to introduce an entirely new portal for its set-top boxes.

Uninterrupted TV experience

The new TV portal is in full HD quality, which makes it possible to combine live streaming ' thumbnails' with menus (Picture in Graphics). This provides a dynamic viewing experience, allowing the user to move through menus without interrupting broadcasts. A new, improved channel list (EPG) has been added, as well as ‘favourite’ selections, and the option of creating multiple personalised channel lists, including, for example, all sports or children's’ channels.

Enhanced Video-On-Demand

“We wanted to give our customers a brand new, 100 % HD experience with the Waoo! TV box, says Jørgen Stensgaard, CEO at Waoo! “We have been working with Nordija for several years, and their team was an obvious partner choice. Lately the Waoo! IPTV service has been enriched with exceptional features such as Netflix and other on demand services – side by side with our regular TV offering.”

 A la carte Shop

“Waoo! is the only Danish service provider to provide an ‘a la carte‘ shop directly on the TV box, allowing users to order one or more TV channels with a single remote control click - the channel is ‘live’ on their TV instantly . This is a particularly successful feature. . All those features demanded an all-new TV portal with picture-in-graphics, seamless navigation, a new EPG and a HD skin. Thanks to the work done by Nordija all of this is now reality, and Waoo! can focus on developing its TV services even further.”

The utilised ‘fokusOn’ technology from Nordija is based on a standard, scaleable internet architecture. It relies on proven, robust technologies, as used on major websites attracting millions of hits per hour. Furthermore, its open eco-system eliminates vendor lock-in. Flexible web architecture with Javascript widgets, HTML5 and CSS3 enables complete freedom to design accessible user experiences for any platform.

Nordija technology allows users to enjoy personalised television and on-demand content on any device, anytime anywhere. The ‘fokusOn’ solution is built on standard web technologies, making it open, flexible and extensible. fokusOn can be run and operated in clients’ Data Centres or as a Cloud service.

About Nordija A/S

Nordija develops and markets software that helps telcos, cable TV operators and ISPs deliver a rich, interactive and user-friendly TV and video-on-demand experience. The company was established in 1997 as a software consultancy practice with the vision of combining Quality and Speed in development of software solutions and integrating business critical system platforms for customers worldwide. Since 2005 Nordija has focused entirely on producing interactive services for television, mainly providing IPTV advice and solutions.

In 2005 Nordija launched IPTV middleware platform fokusOn, its core product. Combining integration expertise with IPTV, Nordija has the strategic and technical competency and experience to implement large telco-grade IPTV middleware solutions. As a pioneer in Scandinavian IPTV development, Nordija has a strong market position in the Nordics as well as customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and the United States. Nordija  provides middleware and apps to over 500.000 consumer devices in these geographies.

About Waoo

Waoo! was founded in 2010 as a joint marketing and product house for 14 Danish utility companies, who had rolled out a Fibre-To-The-Home network. The company had a customer base of 300.000 per December 2013 and an annual turnover of around half a billion DKK. Due to the success of the Waoo! Brand, about a third of all households in Denmark now has access to the fibre network owned by the Danish utilities.

For more information, please visit www.nordija.com


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