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M2A Media unveils Dynamic Content Insertion at IBC

M2A Media’s new Dynamic Content Insertion (DCI) solution will enable broadcasters worldwide to customise and localise live video streams
London(9/12/2018) -
M2A Media, leading experts in cloud-based video solutions, are delighted to unveil their revolutionary new Dynamic Content Insertion product at IBC this September.

The M2A DCI solution allows broadcasters and OTT content publishers to serve customised content, be it adverts, promos, subtitles or audio, to different viewers depending on where they are in the world thus better localising and monetising live video streams.

The new product is designed to be integrated server-side, enabling a seamless transition between broadcast and embedded content resulting in a single stream that can be deployed across all devices, including set-top boxes, mobiles and tablets.  

The benefits of DCI to broadcasters worldwide are multiple; greater monetisation and localisation of content being primary benefits, as well as streamlined production and reduction of overheads.


Deployed server-side, DCI insures against lost advertising revenue  brought about by adblockers. By embedding adverts into a content stream at the encoding stage so that they form part of the file itself, ad-blocker software is unable to detect adverts over other content.


Further enriching the audience experience, DCI allows broadcasters greater scope for the localisation of output. Targeted promos, captions and audio tracks can be delivered to specific regions based on metadata consumed from end-user clients, to ensure the viewer is only seeing and experiencing directly relevant content.

Streamline Production & Reduce Overheads

M2A’s DCI also streamlines production and reduces overheads. By leveraging  a single channel for distribution to multiple territories, DCI allows the insertion of regionally specific elements (promos, language tracks and captions) in to a single stream, thereby negating the need and cost for discrete streams per territory - multiple territories can served by a single stream.

The M2A DCI solution loads a pre-prepared playlist prior to the insertion, perfect for localisation use cases amongst others.  Additionally, M2A DCI can query a VAST compliant server during live playback. In both cases VoD files are inserted at fragment boundaries into the live presentation.   

The resulting manifests and fragments are unique per URL generated.  Timestamps in the underlying fragments are contiguous and manifests do not ‘advertise’ the switch in content.  No discontinuous are generated either. Taking this approach M2A DCI is supported across a wide range of standard players.

“Dynamic Content Insertion is the latest in our suite of market-leading cloud-based video solutions,” commented Marina Kalkanis, CEO, M2A Media.

“Broadcasters are demanding ways to better connect with their audiences, while OTT platforms want the agility to launch and deploy new territories without incurring increased overheads.  Dynamic Content Insertion meets these challenges head on and we’re excited to be bringing our new product to the international market place at IBC this September”.

About M2A Media

M2A Media are market leaders in cloud-based media solutions.  We offer broadcasters and content publishers innovative, flexible, scalable and secure public cloud solutions for managing and publishing media. Our best-in-class streaming and VOD services are the chosen products for customers such as ITV, Channel 4, DAZN, BBC Worldwide, BritBox and Sony Crackle.


We are 100% cloud-based and believe in creating a truly open platform that can be easily integrated at any point into any workflow.  And we want to make things simple for our customers in every way, which is why we offer flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing.


M2A Media
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