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Espial IBC2012 Exhibitor Preview

At IBC2012, Espial, a leader in on-demand TV software and solutions, will showcase the latest developments to its comprehensive range of high-performance, multiscreen television solutions designed for pay-TV operators.
Ottawa, Ontario(7/16/2012) -

At IBC2012, Espial, a leader in on-demand TV software and solutions, will showcase the latest developments to its comprehensive range of high-performance, multiscreen television solutions designed for pay-TV operators looking to manage and increase value-added services for subscribers.A live demonstration of the companys product portfolio will help visitors learn more about effectively introducing and managing value-added multiscreen TV services that provide subscribers with a seamless user experience on multiscreen devices, gateways, set-top boxes, and Smart TVs.

Espial will also show its commitment to the rapidly emerging MPEG DASH standard (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP). As a participating member of the DASH Promoters Group, Espial will showcase the capabilities of this exciting new adaptive bit-rate streaming technology through a live demonstration of the Espial MediaBase content delivery platform. Video content will be streamed from the Espial MediaBase platform to multiscreen devices, including tablets, utilizing MPEG DASH as the streaming protocol.

Key Products
Espial Media Service Platform
The Espial Media Service Platform is a powerful headend system that allows operators to create, introduce, manage, and monetize a seamless multiscreen user experience. Through a comprehensive range of multiscreen capabilities, including service customization, enhanced content protection, and seamless cross-device use-case support, operators can deliver the highest quality of experience to subscribers. The Espial Media Service Platform can be customized to support TV Everywhere services by market segments based on regional, language, and other requirements. This allows operators to tailor TV channel lineups, pricing models, movies, and services including linear TV, video-on-demand (VOD), time-shift television (TSTV), digital video recording (DVR), and pay-per-view (PPV) for their target markets.

For enhanced content security, Espials Media Service Platform features a robust set of controls that enable an operator to meet multiscreen content licensing obligations by limiting access to content based on geography, user, and device. It also allows operators to support cross-device use cases, such as the one-time setting of parental controls from any device, place-shifting across devices including set-top boxes, bookmarking between devices, and unified searching. Additionally, the platform now supports registration of multiple users and multiscreen devices per account, an important feature that empowers operators to manage and customize video services for each person in the household.

Photo Link: www.202comms.com/Espial/MediaServicePlatform.zip
Caption: Espial Media Service Platform

Espial MediaBase
On display at IBC2012 will be Espial MediaBase, a high-performance, on-demand video platform that supports all of todays multiscreen services including live TV streaming, TSTV, network PVR, and VOD. Now featuring HTTP-adaptive streaming capabilities including Apple(R) HLS, Microsoft(R) Smooth Streaming, and DASH, Espial MediaBase is available in several new configurations, such as origin servers, Internet servers, and unified servers. Through a powerful content delivery networking (CDN) engine -- which can be configured using Espial MediaBase Manager -- operators can optimize system design to improve utilization of their network resources. Built on best-in-class performance COTS hardware, Espial MediaBase helps operators achieve the lowest total cost of ownership for TV Everywhere services.

Photo Link: www.202comms.com/Espial/MediaBase.zip
Caption: Espial MediaBase

Espial TV Browser
At IBC2012, Espial will demonstrate the Espial TV Browser, an HTML5- and Webkit-based solution designed to support the demanding browsing requirements of current and future Smart TVs, set-top boxes, media streamers, and connected devices. An HTML5 browser is considered a key building block for the pay-TV future, allowing operators to deliver a richer user experience that includes compelling 3D user interfaces as well as full access to Web video and social media from the cloud. Based on its capability to streamline the delivery of audio and video content to any IP-connected device, HTML5 is quickly becoming the defacto rendering engine on tablets, mobiles, Smart TVs, and PCs. The Espial TV Browser is easily ported across devices and offers the latest and most advanced W3C Web standards available today, supporting HbbTV, Adobe(R) Flash(R), and full HTML5 video support for YouTube, BBC iPlayer, and other Web-based media aggregators.

Photo Link: www.202comms.com/Espial/TVBrowser.zip
Caption: Espial TV Browser

Company Overview:
Espial is a leading supplier of digital TV and IPTV software and solutions to cable MSOs and telecommunications operators as well as consumer electronics manufacturers. Espial's middleware, video-on-demand, and browser products power a diverse range of pay-TV and Internet TV business models. Over 10 million licenses of its patented software are in use across the world. Espial is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada and has offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Visit www.espial.com or contact via phone at +1 613 230 4770.

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