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Corporate Video Production for your company

Videotile is a part of a few different website video production companies. They help companies communicate using video whether it be to your clients externally or internally to their staff, VideoTile can deliver.
Padiham, UK(8/8/2010) -


Videotile is a part of a few different website video production companies. They help companies communicate using video whether it be to your clients externally or internally to their staff, VideoTile can deliver.

As the first UK company to master the difficult balance between speed of loading, robust performance, excellent picture quality and an ability to seamlessly integrate the video content onto the webpage.

corporate video production is becoming ever popular as a new way of getting the message across to customers. VideoTile now have a range of celebrity presenters who are ready to help businesses communicate better with an increasingly sophisticated online audience. The use of video gives the business “a face” that people can relate to and is therefore more personalised for your customers.

If your website as many others is being used to sell something then video tile can help you create a video which could be the difference between a customer looking further and buying something from the site or logging off and looking elsewhere. It instantly grabs their attention, builds a rapport and delivers your message much quicker than any other medium could manage.

VideoTile’s web presenters can be used to describe a new product and its many uses. Having a video rather than a block of text is a lot more stimulating and accessible. Videotile can edit your video so that any product no matter whether it is large or small it will be integrated so it is shown effectively.

These videos can also be ideal for delivering video on demand. The innovative studio techniques that VideoTile have developed allow subject specialists to deliver their content directly to the camera without needing to “read” their script also maintaining eye contact with another person during the recording. This technique affords excellent delivery from subject specialists and is an extremely cost effective way of delivering e-learning.

VideoTile’s online video’s can be an interactive experience. They do not believe that a “passive” video is suited to a website audience. In order to cater for the interactive mood of website visitors, they can break down the message into smaller chunks which invite the website visitor to interact with the video tile presenter. This will keep your audience stimulated and interested even when the message is long and complex.

A new service that VideoTile can now offer to recruitment specialists is an innovative form of candidate presentation that will provide impressive differentiation in the job marketplace. With the help of VideoTile multiple clients can now immediately gauge the personality, look and style of a potential candidate and they can interact with the video content of the candidate by viewing on demand and at random to a series of available questions that have been set. VideoTile have recording venues in London and Manchester.

VideoTile also offer videos suitable for email marketing, their personalised HTML e-mail features one of their trademark presenters brought to life using VideoTile to deliver the company message. Using their unique techniques they have doubled the amount of emails opened, and increased by 10 times the number of people who click through to the landing page.

To join in with many other companies take a look at what VideoTile can do for you today.

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