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Blip.tv and Akimbo Bring Internet Video Personalities to TV

The Best of Blip.tv's User-Created Online Video Series Available through Akimbo Internet VOD Service
New York(9/18/2006) -

Blip.tv, an online video sharing site that hosts and distributes Web-based TV shows and videoblogs, announced today that its premium content will be available for television viewing through Akimbo's Internet video-on-demand service. By showcasing its highest-quality and most popular online video series through Akimbo, blip.tv ensures that the best user-generated video will be available in millions of homes across the U.S. and Canada.

"Blip.tv makes it easy for anyone to create, produce and distribute video shows through the Web - and beyond," said blip.tv co-founder and CEO Mike Hudack. "Through this great partnership with Akimbo, user-created videos can now make the leap from the Internet directly to television sets. Together, we are simplifying the process of making a star out of the ordinary person. Just as any other video content, user-generated content is best enjoyed sitting on your couch, watched on a full-screen TV."

This partnership marks blip.tv's first step toward bringing its content to television sets. Akimbo delivers thousands of programs through set-top boxes to TV via broadband Internet connections, giving its users the best of TV, film and other quality programs.

"Akimbo works closely with content partners like blip.tv to offer our subscribers the largest and most diverse collection of quality video-on-demand titles anywhere," said Akimbo CEO Josh Goldman. "By partnering with blip.tv, Akimbo helps elevate some of the most compelling user-generated content to a mainstream television audience -- it's the best of the Web accessible in the comfort of the living room."

The blip.tv content available through Akimbo will be chosen on the basis of content, popularity, and production quality, and the channels will be continually expanded and updated to always include the best of blip.tv. Chosen content will be available alongside all other Akimbo programming so that users can select blip.tv shows from the listings in the user-friendly, onscreen Akimbo Guide. Users can also subscribe to and store their favorite blip.tv shows within their personal video library. All blip.tv show creators have the option to choose whether their content can be considered for distribution through Akimbo.

Video bloggers who use blip.tv are also able to take advantage of its wide distribution network on the Internet, and can automatically cross-post their videos to blogs, iTunes and other video aggregators, websites and media channels.

About blip.tv
Founded in May 2005, blip.tv is an online video sharing site providing the tools and platform for anyone to create and distribute original, Web-based TV shows and videoblogs. Blip.tv hosts user-generated content from around the world and posts it to iTunes, Flickr, blogs and more. Blip.tv offers an opt- in advertising program, splitting all advertising revenues with its users 50/50. The company also supports a variety of licenses, including Creative Commons. In an August 2006 review, Light Reading ranked blip.tv the #1 online video sharing site. To learn more, please visit http://www.blip.tv.

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