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ABOX42 "Ethnic TV Solution“ providing all advanced ingredients for a complete and easy to deploy TV solution for worldwide ethnic OTT TV providers

ABOX42 launches End-to-End Ethnic OTT TV Solution for Global Market
Karlsruhe(12/10/2014) -

ABOX42 GmbH, a leading supplier of OTT, IPTV and Hybrid smart STB solutions, launches ABOX42 End-to-End “Ethnic TV” providing a complete solution for ethnic OTT TV providers around the globe. Most providers of OTT television packages deliver their services on mobile devices like iPad and Android tablets. Management of the fragmented Smart TV market with different standards and multiple device manufactures is quite complicated and costly for most operators.

ABOX42 solves this challenge by delivering a custom configured Smart STB which can be connected to any TV set and several SaaS services for quick development and deployment of OTT TV Service for the big screen TV set.

ABOX42 Ethnic TV offers a total package solution delivering all necessary and high performance building blocks of a complete advanced and easy to deploy system avoiding the threads of complex project management.

ABOX42 Ethnic TV contains the following major building blocks, which are offered as a full package solution:

ABOX42 M11 Smart STB

The ABOX42 Ethnic TV solution comes with the advanced ABOX42 Smart Set Top Box Platform M11, designed and developed for the needs of a modern TV user. The cost competitive and eco friendly Set Top Box is mass market proven, easy to deploy in any OTT environment and complies to all major standards for in home CE devices. 

ABOX42 OPX TV Client

The ABOX42 OPX TV Client is pre-installed on the ABOX42 Smart STB and will be launched automatically after each boot up of the STB. After the Set-Up-Process and user authentication the STB is automatically starting with Live TV. The ABOX42 OPX TV client allows showing a customized start up logo with the Ethnic TV operators brand. 

ABOX42 OPX - Channel Management SaaS service

This part of the ABOX42 OPX services allows the Ethnic TV operator to manage channels and channel packages (bouquets). OPX provides an easy to use web based tool to configure the OPX SaaS service features. 

ABOX42 OPX - Tariff Management SaaS Service

Next to the Channel management the Ethnic TV operator can determine the tariff for the offered Ethnic TV packages as part of the OPX SaaS services. 

ABOX42 OPX - Customer Management SaaS

With this OPX SaaS service tool the Ethnic TV operator can create, manage, suspend and delete users. All relevant functions required during the customer lifecycle are included.

ABOX42 EPG Management - SaaS service

For a comprehensive TV experience the Ethnic TV operator can offer EPG information to the user for each provided TV channel. OPX allows to use different sources for the EPG data and provides configuration options for EPG as part of the OPX SaaS services. 

ABOX42 OPX - Software Lifecycle Management SaaS

Last but not least the OPX solution package offers a complete lifecycle management solution for the system software part. Once new features or other software updates are available for the user, the Ethnic TV operator can manage the STBs in the field and deliver software updates to each active box in the field. ABOX42 provides this functionality as well for OPX TV as for all other operator projects as one of the core elements of the ABOX42 platform.

“The cost competitive and easy to use ABOX42 SmartSTB platform provides the ideal solution for ethnic TV providers around the globe aiming also at cultural interest groups like Ethnic TV consumers”, said Matthias Greve, CEO of ABOX42 GmbH. “The ABOX42 Ethnic TV solution enables our customers and operators worldwide to build next generation services with an unbeatable user experience and a clear end user focus thus giving them the essential competitive advantages in changing and growing new market. The modern ABOX42 Ethnic TV solution supplies our clients with advanced and leading hardware and software tools to easily and rapidly deploying their next generation services without changing their complete infrastructure and in order to deliver latest features and functionality to their existing and new customers.“ 

About ABOX42

ABOX42 (www.abox42.com) is a leading provider of IPTV, OTT and Hybrid DVB Smart STBs, with 5 years expertise and knowledge in end-user mass-market products. ABOX42 developed a new generation of Smart STBs (ABOX42 M-Series) for the global market. The ABOX42 Smart STB platform is the ideal solution for any IPTV & OTT provider, cable-operator and ISP, who is aiming to provide a compelling First Screen TV proposition to its customers. The ABOX42 Smart STB platform was designed for future oriented, fast moving providers, cable operators, IPTV providers and Internet service providers. With its powerful Smart SDK, the Smart SaaS Services and additional Smart Solutions, the ABOX42 platform offers its customers a comprehensive solution with short project cycles, short production lead times and includes lifecycle management for ongoing software maintenance and service updates in the field as part of the ABOX42 total STB solution. For further information about ABOX42`s STB platforms and solutions visit www.abox42.com.

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