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June 28, 2018

Featured Articles
Hey, European Mobile Operators: What About Streaming Video?
Barcelona's Mobile World Congress is full of hype about 5G and VR, but doesn't care about video. Why the blind spot over small-screen viewing?
The Time to Prepare for Recovery Is Before Video Files Go Missing
Accidentally deleted a crucial video file? The good news is it might still be recoverable. Here are steps to take for recovery and to prevent loss from happening in the future.
Per-Title Video Encoding: The Time to Get Started Is Now
Now widely available, per-title encoding makes whatever codec publishers are already using more efficient by creating a custom optimized encoding ladder.
The Flux Before the Storm: The Media World Bares its FANGs
With the rise of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google—and the shift from digital dinosaurs to digital natives—this is a time of great change. That's both exciting and frightening.
Featured News
YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Expand to 12 More Countries
The audio and video streaming services that replaced YouTube Red are available to more subscribers. Existing customers can keep their rate.
Edgeware Debuts Software Suite Targeted at Popular Live Events
When content providers stream live sports or reality shows to a massive audience they can quickly get overwhelmed. Edgeware aims to reduce the strain.
Amazon Buys Rights to 20 Premier League Matches for 3 Seasons
Look for Amazon Prime to see a lot of interest in free 30-day trials in December, as it offers Premier League streaming exclusively to members.
Industry News
Mexican National team and Entire Liga Mx to Deploy Pixellot Video Coaching Systems
German cable network operator deploys Telestream iQ monitoring & Vidchecker QC for QoS assurance over linear & ABR video platforms
Contus Vplay, an enterprise video on demand and live streaming solution has ventured into audio streaming.
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