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May 29, 2014

Featured Articles
Streaming Forum Preview: Choosing a Live Encoder
The product categories and workflows for live encoding have exploded in number and complexity. This session at Streaming Forum will help you make sense of it all, and put you on the path to deciding what live encoders work best for your productions.
Streaming Forum Preview: The Building Blocks for OTT Success
Which countries are leading the way in OTT, which are lagging behind, and what can we learn from the successes and failures? Streaming Forum session will present case studies and point the way forward.
Streaming Forum Preview: Privacy vs. Profit—Who Cares About Big Data?
Consumers say they want personalised recommendations to help them make sense of their entertainment choices. But how far can operators and content publishers go in harvesting customer data without crossing the line?
Featured News
Netflix Announces Six-Country European Rollout
Later this year, residents of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland will be able to sign up for Netflix streaming.
RGB Networks and Pi Telecom Partner on OTT Solution
The combined offering lets video providers stream live and on-demand content to a variety of devices with an agile cloud-based system.
Ericsson Releases Research Report on TV Viewing in 2020
Six years from now, viewers will expect more personalized recommendations and a viewing experience that's more interactive and social.
Industry News
Continuing its ongoing support of broadcasters covering global sporting events, Dejero today announced that it will provide mobile transmission services for broadcasters covering the world's largest football event in Brazil. Beginning in early June, broad
UTV, Northern Ireland’s leading television channel, have launched a new state of the art on-demand Player, with VOD specialist Ostmodern.
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