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November 25, 2010

Featured Articles
New Strategies for Measuring Video Success
Brainient, GoViral, and Ooyala offer insights into the social graph and how they're using it to help brands like Volvo, Nike, and Coca-Cola evaluate the impact of their video campaigns
Google TV in Action
Product manager Salahudding Choudhary offers up a demo of how Google TV facilitates searching of broadcast and web programming
VMIX Expands Into Europe
Glasgow and London offices brings OVP's platform-as-a-service to the continent.
Social Graph is Key to Engaging Audiences Online
SAY Media is intent on addressing the implications for advertisers of consumer propensity to create and move content across devices and social platforms
YouView Opens Engagement with Content Providers
UK internet TV project formally invites content providers to work with its technical team
Industry News
Oliver Stone invests in fast growing online video platform
Leading Internet Products and Services Company Deploys Isilon Scale-Out Storage to Simplify Data Management for Content Delivery Network, Improving Service Quality and Operational Efficiency
Fighting Sioux Radio Network distributes live UND football and hockey games to 12 broadcast affiliates in two states
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