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June 24, 2010

Featured Articles
A Look Inside Flash Player 10.1
Adobe promises more stability and better performance for Flash on the Mac, but for now, only Windows gets hardware acceleration
Google's WebM Strategy: Open-Source Approved or Patent Exposure Minefield?
Google seems more concerned with modifying its WebM FAQ than it is with helping the online video world understand the practical and financial benefits of an open-source competitor to H.264.
Case Study: Streaming with a Bang
When CERN collided the Large Hadron Collider's beams in March 2010, more than 700,000 people watched it live on their computers or mobile devices.
iPad and HTML5 Support: Hype or Reality?
A new survey-based report by StreamingMedia.com's Jan Ozer reveals just how widespread iPad and HTML5 Video support is today, and how prevalent it will be in the next 18 months.
Note to Apple: Safari & QuickTime are Not Web Standards
Apple's "HTML5 Showcase" shows off some very cool things, but they're not actually web standards—they're specific functionalities found in the Safari and QuickTime product stack
Featured News
DigitalSmiths Releases VideoSense 3.0; Metadata Geeks Rejoice
User interface optimized to let users drill down through customized time slices
Enhanced API Lets Clients Bundle Encoding.com Service
Client companies can offer transcoding to all the latest formats and save on volume pricing.
Industry News
A Worldwide Wowza Server Rollout Opens Doors to Online Audiences on the Desktop, Mobile and Living Room Screens
Businesses of any size can now stream live and on demand in less than five minutes thanks to affordable streaming service packs
On-Board Video From Race Yachts Encoded by Haivision Makito(TM), Delivered via 4G LTE Radio Cell, and Decoded by Mako(TM) for Live Online Broadcast
Direct One Prepares for a Market of 800,000 Simultaneous HD Video Connections by 2013
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