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Google Play Soon on Google TV in the U.K., Germany, and France
An announcement that Google Play was coming to Canada and Australia on the same date was rescinded, however.

On November 13, Google TV owners in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France will be able to purchase Google Play music and movies through their televisions.

Google TV owners in Canada and Australia might start to feel left out on that day. After all, Google already announced that Google Play service would be available on that date in those countries, as well. But Google has taken back that announcement, so Canada and Australia will have to wait for another day.

Responding to the news on the Google TV Google Plus page, Canadians were despondent. "BOOOOO, why no love for Canada??" asked Alex Burr. "I love how Google always ignores Canada even though we are right above the USA. So lame, so very very lame," said Devin Lamothe. Some, however, took the polite route. "Canada was accidentally announced, so I guess you Google will have more news regarding Google Music in Canada soon, right? Having it by the end of the year would be great!?" stated Jean-Philippe Boily.

U.S. Google TV owners got Google Play service a month ago, as service rolled out in October. Not only can Google TV owners buy through their sets, but they can also access movies and music they've already purchased on other devices.

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