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Media Security Company Irdeto Buys BayTSP, Adds Anti-Piracy
Irdeto's ActiveCloak for Media platform gains piracy search and protection features with acquisition.

Irdeto, a global software security and media technology company based in the Netherlands, announced this morning that it has acquired BayTSP, a Santa Clara, California-based company that specializes in anti-piracy services.

The addition should be a strong fit for Irdeto's ActiveCloak for Media end-to-end protection platform. BayTSP has worked with most of the major Hollywood studios, providing intelligence on the distribution of pirated content.

"We leave no stone unturned on the Internet," says Stuart Rosove, CEO of BayTSP -- and now vice president, head of integration for Irdeto. BayTSP will keep its California offices.

BayTSP works by monitoring up to 1 billion points of detection every month, including peer-to-peer networks, cyberlockers, and live streaming sites. It gathers information and reports back to its major studio clients.

Being acquired by Irdeto "made a hell of a lot of sense" for both the company and its clients, says Rosove. As studios become distributors, they need to understand the flow of content once it gets past their walled gardens, he adds. Solid intelligence helps them make informed high-level decisions.

BayTSP offers two types of services. First, it provides search and discovery for digital assets, allowing clients to understand how their media is spread. Second, it offers enforcement and compliance services, such as cease and desist notices, and working with some ISPs to remove pirated content. it doesn't offer litigation services, however.

While Irdeto's ActiveCloak has been moving in this area, "BayTSP offers a much wider variety and more services in that area," says Christopher Schouten, Irdeto's senior director of solutions marketing.

Neither company disclosed the terms of the acquisition.

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