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Jet-Stream, DIMTEC, and Alestra Partner on Mexican CDN
VideoExchange software from Jet-Stream will power the CDN's SmartCast services.

Mexico's new content delivery network (CDN) has it roots in Europe. DIMTEC, a Mexican company specializing in digital media services and telecommunications support, is partnering with Alestra, one of Mexico's largest telecom operators, to launch the CDN. The partners have chosen Jet-Stream's VideoExchange technology to power it. Jet-Stream BV provides CDN solutions, and is based in Groningen, Netherlands.

Jet-Stream's VideoExchange software-based solution will support the partnership's SmartCast content delivery services. These services are targeted to corporations, government offices, and education clients in Mexico. According to Jet-Stream, VideoExchange provides full control over network infrastructure, so administrators can manage bandwidth and content traffic patterns.

VideoExchange also supports local content distribution, preventing latency issues for video streams. The technology delivers to desktops, mobile devices, and set-top boxes.

"The demand for professional content delivery services is growing in Mexico, and it is no surprise to us that we selected Jet-Stream's VideoExchange technology for our SmartCast services to address that need," says Mauricio Lozano, DIMTEC's CEO.  "Jet-Stream's VideoExchange platform has a strong reputation in the industry and will be key in allowing our SmartCast services to meet the high expectations of corporate, educational, and government clients that need specialized content delivery."

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