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The 2010 Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Award Winners
3,400 voters. 12,700 votes. 13 winners.
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We set a new record with this year's Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Awards, which garnered more than 240 nominees in 13 categories, and more than 12,700 votes from 3,400 voters—which means that the average voter cast their vote in 3 or 4 categories. We'd like to thank everyone who voted, and a special thanks to Interxion, who sponsored the contest and this event.

And so, without further ado, the winners of this year's Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Awards.

Delivery Network
Amazon Web Services Cloudfront CDN

Mobile Video App or Solution
ITV Simulcast on iPhone

Music & Audio Delivery Solution

Online Video Platform
i2i Media

Reporting, Analytics
Highwinds StrikeTracker

European Readers' Choice Awards 2010Server Hardware/Software
Wowza Media Server 2

Streaming Services Provider
Streaming Tank Live Video Streaming

Transcoding Solution
Sorenson Squeeze

TV over IP Solution
BeBanjo Movida

Video Advert Platform
Videoplaza Monetizer 2.0

Webcast Platform
Flumotion Streaming Platform

Best Live Webcast of 2010
Flumotion, GUADEC 2010 (First Live Webcast with WebM)

Best Streaming Innovation of 2010

Flumotion, WebM/VP8 Live Streaming

i2i Media, Onlineshowreels

Wowza Media Systems, Wowza Media Server 2

And the winner is...Wowza Media Systems

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