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Netflix Streaming Coming to Canada
Canadian subscribers will get unlimited streaming, but not DVDs by mail.

What's better than a Kids in the Hall reunion or an extra-large bowl of poutine? Netflix will expand its instant streaming service to Canada this fall. This differs from the U.S. service in that it will be streaming-only, with no DVD-by-mail option. Presumably to avoid higher international shipping rates, Netflix is offering its first streaming-only option.

This release will mark the first availability of Netflix outside the United States. Subscribers will be able to stream unlimited movies and TV shows to their computers or connected televisions for one monthly fee.

Netflix currently offers over 17,000 titles in its instant streaming service, far lower than the 100,000 plus titles it offers on DVD. The company hasn't announced pricing for Canadian subscribers, but Americans can get instant streaming plus one DVD at a time for $8.99 per month. Netflix also hasn't said whether or not the full instant streaming library will be available internationally.

Canadians interested in the service should go to www.netflix.ca to sign up for announcements about the upcoming launch. The Canadian service will be English-only at launch, but Netflix says it will add French language capability over time.