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comScore Brings Video Metrix 2.0 to the U.K.
Upgraded service promises ad impression management, as well as planning tools for ad campaigns.

Digital measurement company comScore has announced that it's bringing the second generation of its Video Metrix service to the United Kingdom today. The new service will deliver more useful information, such as online ad impressions, to online video professionals.

Other improvements include the ability to filter video viewing sessions between advertising and content, as well as additional reporting metrics such as average daily unique viewers, viewing sessions, percentage of ads by videos viewed, percentage of ads by time spent viewing video, ads per content video, and content minutes per ad minute.

Ad agencies will benefit from a new reach/frequency tool, which is designed to help in planning campaigns. Finally, Video Metrix 2.0 includes a ranking of video advertising networks by the actual reach of the ads delivered (as opposed to the potential reach of the network).

"The dynamics of online video-both in terms of consumption patterns and economics-have evolved considerably in recent years and the industry has come to recognize its growing importance as an advertising channel," says Mike Read, comScore's senior vice president and managing director for Europe. "Video measurement needs to be just as innovative in order to capitalize on new monetization opportunities and help pave the way for digital media convergence with traditional media."

comScore expanded service into Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Spain on December 1, 2010.

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