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Xstream Debuts Versatile Media Ingest Service
Solving the problem of importing media from a variety of sources, Xstream offers an automated solution.

Pulling in media assets from different sources can be a hassle, says Xstream, the Danish end-to-end video management software company. That's why it's introduced a new ingest service to simplify the process.

The goal of the ingest service is letting customers get large amounts of video from an array of content providers. The system lets operators manage ingested content and move it to its final viewing platform. Customers can automate major processing and handling tasks, such as encoding, uploading, resizing, adding metadata, adding subtitles, and outputting, creating a smooth workflow.

The ingest service was designed to need little human interaction. Xstream promises that customers will need to spend less time importing materials, will get those materials in front of viewers faster, and will be able to scale up for increased use.

"The new Ingest service is a milestone in our product development since we believe it will solve the challenges our customers are experiencing with complicated workflows," says Frank Thorup, CEO and founder of Xstream. "With our new ingest service we enable the delivery of content to viewers; quicker, better, easier, with studio-approved DRM and the industry's best set-up to scale our customers' solutions from one to many from one day to another."

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