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WorldTV.com Launches, Lets Anyone Have Own TV Channel
Finally out of beta, the site lets anyone create a video channel and improve it with a la carte features.

London-based WorldTV.com has launched, with the promise that anyone can create their own video channels which will be viewable on Internet-connected TVs or on the Web.

The service has an innovative model: Users are free to upload their own videos for their channels or to curate videos from user-generated content sites like YouTube and Vimeo. A basic channel is free, but channel creators can choose enhanced features a la carte. For example, using a custom-designed logo costs $.50 per month. Removing advertising from a channel costs $5 per month.

The 1.0 version of WorldTV.com includes a redesigned look, a new in-application payment system, and several other new features.

The site has been in development for four years, and test users in 200 countries have already used it to create more than a quarter of a million channels.

"For too long the world of TV broadcasting has been closed to individuals and businesses. With the new advances in connected, 'smart' TV's, the prospect of anyone being able to readily broadcast their own linear TV channel to the world, is finally becoming a reality," says Alx Klive, founder and CEO of WorldTV.com.