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Vualto Brings DRM to JW Player: IBC
Chrome's discontinuation of Silverlight support was deciding factor in JW adding DRM support
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JW Player has long been perhaps the most popular off-the-shelf video player on the web, but until recently, it was missing one crucial feature: multiplatform DRM. That changed this week, when Vualto announced at IBC that it is partnering with JW Player that makes its VuDRM offering available to anyone using the player.

Given the player's widespread use, Burt says it was "amazing" the company didn't have a DRM solution before. As is the case for many of Vualto's customers, the final straw was Chrome dropping support for Silverlight. "DRM has been our 'in' with a lot of the companies we work with, and that opens other opportunities," says Vualto CTO and co-founder James Burt.

VuDRM includes Adobe Primetime, Microsoft PlayReady, and Google Widevine, as well as support for EMEs and CENC, and supports a wide range of devices, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, SamsungTV, and Xbox, all from a single API.

Vualto also counts France Televisions, M6, and RTL among its customers. In addition to VuDRM, the company offers VuPlay—video player SDKs, players, and apps—and VuWorkflow, a workflow and delivery solution that integrates with Unified Streaming, AMS, and Wowza.

The UK-based company has grown to 20 employees, including an in-house app development team, says Burt.