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Vizrt and Never.no Offer Social Media Tools for Broadcasters
A suite of social media-savvy tools lets broadcasters harness user-generated comments or create their own.
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Broadcasters know they need to have a strong social presence online, but managing and benefiting from user contributions can be a challenge. That's why video workflow and 3D software company Vizrt and Never.no, which offers technology to unite broadcast, mobile, and social media platforms, have combined to offer a suite of social media tools for broadcasters.

The tools let broadcasters integrate user-generated content into their existing multi-distribution workflows. Broadcasters are able to monitor tweets, messages (SMS and MMS), RSS feeds, and Facebook posts, pulling valuable contents into their workflows for distribution.

Never.no's social media expertise is use to gather the content, which is then usable by Virzt's 3D graphics products. The Never.no controls work through existing newsroom systems, such as Avid iNews and AP ENPS, so there's nothing new for users to learn.

The system could be used during a live show, for example, where the host would tell viewers to leave comments on a certain Facebook page or to tweet using a certain hashtag. A producer could then harvest the best responses, creating a ticker feed of tweets or adding them to other on-air graphics.

The tools also let broadcasters push comments to social networks, in order to get responses to a topic or promote an upcoming segment. 

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