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Vimond Launches Collaborative Online News Video Creation Tool
With Vimond IO, journalists in various locations can collaborate on news videos, then publish work to their CMS and social media channels.
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Aiding newsrooms in getting their stories posted faster, Norway's Vimond Media Solutions has announced Vimond IO, a collaborative tool for quick video story creation.

Using Vimond IO, journalists in different locations can work together on stories using any connected device. While Vimond's announcement is light on details, the company says Vimond IO runs in a Chrome browser window, is frame-accurate, and has keyboard-centric controls. The tool's backend handles video transcoding and publishing for multiple bitrates, as well an generating previews and handling the final rendering.

“The way news is packaged, distributed, and consumed has been changing rapidly, and new tools are needed to make it easy for media organizations to publish quickly and efficiently online,” says Helge Høibraaten, Vimond's CEO. “With news, rapid distribution is vital, but broadcasters care about producing good quality stories, and traditional news production environments were never designed for getting content out to multiple platforms as the events happen. Vimond IO provides an incredibly fast and versatile solution for doing just that.”

Vimond IO works with Vimond's video publishing platform. Finished pieces can be output to VizRT's VizOne and the client's own content management system, as well as YouTube and Facebook channels.

In February, Vimond introduced Vimond Connect, a system for inserting social comments within an on-demand video.

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