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Vimond Intros Vimond Control Center Video Management Tool
The new offering lets OTT providers create multi-channel viewing options for end-users with little effort.
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Norwegian Vimond Media Solutions, which was spun out of TV 2 to market the Vimond online TV platform, has announced the Vimond Control Center (VCC), a video management tool designed to simplify and speed up the publishing workflow.

VCC is targeted to broadcasters and other distributors selling video directly to end-users. It includes a self-service component that lets OTT providers give content contributors complete control over their accounts. Contributors are able to log in, create channels as they wish, and upload video for distribution. Before it goes life, an administrator with the OTT provider can approve the uploaded content before making it live.

Vimond notes that one of the advantages of VCC is that providers can offer viewers a single service with a cohesive look that delivers multiple branded channels, all with little effort required.

Other VCC features include the ability to publish to multiple screens without the need for add-ons, time-saving tagging functionality, and customizable workflows. Vimond also notes that VCC integrates with major encoding and transcoding solutions. Products from Harmonic and Digital Rapids can be controlled from within the VCC system.

"We designed VCC to address critical issues facing today's content owners," says Helge Høibraaten, CEO of Vimond. "VCC is different from other OVP solutions because it focuses on multiscreen deployment, over-the-top production workflow, speed, and integration."

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