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Videoplaza Launches Aunia, Private Video Marketplace, in Spain
It's invitation-only behind the velvet ropes, where major brands can purchase targeted high-quality online video ad slots programmatically.

Ad management platform Videoplaza launched a new service today, Aunia, a programmatic private video marketplace for broadcasters. Videoplaza describes Aunia as "an invitation-only club" where broadcasters can ensure their inventory is valued.

This is the public launch of Aunia, which has been in beta for the past month. Brands will be able to select from brand-safe content and premium inventory. With many in the inventory seeing programmatic buying as remnant-only, this appears to be an effort to control quality while adding the savings of automated buying. So far, the signs are good: Videoplaza announced that Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes Benz, Pernod Ricard, Peugeot, and Red Bull have all signed up so far.

According to VideoNuze, two major Spanish broadcasters (Videoplaza isn't yet disclosing the names) have pledged to offer 40 million video impressions each month to Aunia, guaranteeing scale from the start. Videoplaza expects other broadcasters to take part.

By working in a closed ecosystem, broadcasters can protect their inventory's value and keep CMPs high. Programmatic buying is more efficient, said Maria Flores, vice president of new business with Videoplaza, speaking with Video Ad News, and the closed market ensures that brands don't get long-tail inventory as part of their purchases.

Videoplaza is beginning this platform in Spain because the country's strong interest in streaming video combined with a soft economy opens the door for creative ad solutions. Videoplaza hasn't announced when or if it will expand Aunia to other countries.

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