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Trends That Will Shape 2018 Include Post-OTT Convergence and AI
Nagra details five trends it says will shape how companies deliver-and how consumers purchase-TV in the coming year.
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Digital media security company Nagra has gotten out its crystal ball to predict five trends that will shape the online video world in 2018. Number one is that the post-OTT era is underway and will transform the industry. The post-OTT era is an idea Nagra first floated in July 2017, saying that consumers no longer make a distinction between traditional and streamed delivery methods. In 2018, it sees pay TV companies adopting IP technology, and OTT services joining pay TV offerings.

As consumer choice expands, the user experience (UX) needs to do the same. In its second prediction, Nagra sees new interfaces emerging that adapt and put the consumer at the center, such as voice interfaces and artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

Piracy has taking a large slice of the live sports market, Nagra says, but it sees that changing in 2018, thanks to technologies that mark content and monitor infringing use. This prediction seems like a tacit admission that Nagra's previous efforts in this area haven't had much effect. Time will tell if anything will change in the coming year.

Nagra's fourth prediction says that big data and AI will help providers make more strategic decisions and better satisfy customers. Its fifth is that new business models will emerge, bringing skinny bundles worldwide and letting customers create their own custom packages.

“There are significant opportunities for those that embrace and evolve with the changes that are happening in the industry,” says Ivan Verbesselt, Nagra's senior vice president of marketing. “By understanding the trends that are emerging in the TV and entertainment ecosystem, pay TV operators, broadcasters, and content owners can make the intelligent business decisions that will build tomorrow’s TV landscape.”

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