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Report IDs 5 'Television Tribes,' Shows How to Appeal to Them
While there are multiple types of viewers, one group in particular represents the future. A report shows how pay TV can appeal to streaming connoisseurs.
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Not all television watchers are the same, suggests a report from content security company Nagra. In fact, we all belong to one of five "television tribes." After working with UK-based research company Ampere Analysis and surveying viewers in 10 countries in Europe and North America, it identified 5 specific viewing types. Nagra put out a report defining the tribes and offering pay TV operators advice on serving each.

Here are the five tribes identified by Nagra:

• Content connoisseurs: The avant guard, this tribe is young and experimental, and enjoys trying things first.

• Broadcast bingers: These are the content connoisseurs' parents. They enjoy curling up with a boxed CD set.

• Digitally detached: This even older group has no use for anything streamed. Their TV habits haven't changed since the days of black-and-white.

• TV traditionalists: These middle-aged adults are especially fond of sports on a big screen.

• Super spenders: This group prefers linear TV and wants the biggest pay TV bundle available.

Of the five tribes, Nagra advises operators to focus on the first one. Content connoisseurs are a fast-growing bunch and they're valuable customers. They like creating their own customized a la carte packages by combining streaming video-on-demand (SVOD) services. They're a demanding group and will drop services that no longer satisfy their preferences. Streaming services are the main source of entertainment for 80 percent of them.

"Content connoisseurs want to stack their own service, mixing and matching. The opportunity for operators is to help them curate their own bundle with one seamless experience," the report says.

For more on these five tribes, download the full report for free (registration required).

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