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Nideo Launches as a YouTube for Businesses
Claiming that YouTube is an inappropriate environment for business videos, Nideo offers a clutter-free alternative.

While many businesses are already on YouTube -- and YouTube marketing is considered an essential for today's top brands -- one company hopes to carve out a place as a business-friendly alternative to the leading video streamer. Berkshire-based Nideo has launched, promising none of the clutter, ads, or irrelevant content that take up space on YouTube. The site offers a limited amount of free hosting, and sells upgrade packages for companies with large video needs.

Nideo sells itself as a host for companies of any size, and a way to reach an online audience. Videos don't have to be public: companies can use it for internal sharing, or can create a limited professional network. At the moment, the site lacks social network sharing links, but does have embedding and emailing options.

To justify the site, Nideo's founders say that online viewers hold business videos to a higher standard than YouTube can provide, and that YouTube lacks flawless delivery and a credible environment. Nideo sponsored an online poll with YouGov that found 89 percent of British YouTube viewers don't see YouTube as an appropriate place for business videos. The survey also found that a majority of people would be dissatisfied if a YouTube video failed to load. No surprise there. The survey queried 2022 adults in June, 2013.

Without advertising, Nideo will need to sell a lot of hosting packages to succeed. The starter free package offers 1GB of video hosting per year. For £7 per month users get 10GB per year. After that, Nideo charges £14 per month for 60GB and £27 per month for 120GB.