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MultiStream Offers Multiple Live Streams, Launches in Beta
First 1,000 customers will get free accounts, which include 10GB of cloud storage.

For companies that want to stream multiple live or pre-recorded video streams to viewers, London-based MultiStream has just launched in beta. The cloud-based service also lets users layer interactive content on top of their streams.

The MultiStream platform lets viewers choose which video stream they want to watch, delivering a more interactive experience. Streams can be embedded into web pages, blogs, or even Facebook pages using iFrames.

Users can add layered content to their streams, such as clickable areas and links.

The site has just launched in beta and is offering a free trial to the first 1,000 users. The trial includes 7 web applications, which are used for streaming video, audio, and text. The trial includes 10GB in free cloud storage.

The company is planning its next release, with additional features, for early 2012.

Customers who want more from their account can step up to MultiStream Pro, which includes more online storage, a collaborative interface, mobile device support, videoconferencing, the option to include ads, and analytics. The company didn't immediately respond to a request for MultiStream Pro pricing.