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Mid- to Long-Form Content Views Grow Across All Screens: Ooyala
In the latest version of its Global Video Index, Ooyala warns about the growing piracy threat for sports publishers offering 4K live video.

In the third quarter of 2016, views for mid- to long-from content grew across all screens, including phones, tablets, computers, and connected TVs. This is the first time this has happened, notes the Oolaya Q3 2016 Global Video Index. While the common wisdom used to be that viewers would watch short-form content on phones or tablets, but preferred larger screens for longer videos, this shows an evolution in how people enjoy premium content.

Larger screens still see more mid- or long-form viewing. The report notes that phone viewers spent 48 percent of their viewing time with mid- or long-form video, while desktop viewers spent 57 percent of their time. Connected TV viewers streamed almost exclusively long-from video, watching it 97 percent of the time.

"Tablets remain an ideal format for delivering premium content in a more personal manner, but even smartphones are regularly used to view episodic television and movies, as their 36 percent increase in medium- and long-form plays attest," notes the report's section on European viewing habits.

The report also warns about the growing threat of piracy for sports publishers. In the next year, 4K and live sports video will increase costs for pay TV and SVOD subscribers. Rather than paying a 10 to 30 percent premium for that content, some people will look online for pirated content.

"Most consumers are likely to be willing to pay for the content they consume, but some of the most highly valued content—both live and VOD—will always create demand for cheaper, pirated copies," the report says.

Ooyala's Global Video Index examines viewing data for 220 million global viewers. Download the full report for free (registration required).

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