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MWC: Cisco and Vodafone Partner to Launch GigaTV in Germany
Subscribers can access a variety of SD and HD channels from their phone, tablet, or connected TV, or select from an on-demand library.

Attendees at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, got a demo of GigaTV, a cloud video service for the German market created by Vodafone and Cisco. Subscribers can watch the service's content through their set-top boxes, smartphones, and tablets.

According to its website, Giga TV offers up to 104 standard definition and 43 high definition stations, many of which are free-to-air. The service also connects to Vodafone's on-demand video store where thousands of titles, including new releases, start at 99 cents. The service is available at two tiers, for either €14.99 or €19.99. Both tiers offers concurrent access from 3 different devices.

The service is built on Cisco's Infinite Video Platform, which Vodafone credits with increasing customer satisfaction. GigaTV aims to keep viewers watching longer with personalized recommendations and intelligent searches. Its navigation has been designed to help viewers discover content they'll be interested in.

“GigaTV delivers a premium, innovative video service to Vodafone customers,” says Conrad Clemson, senior vice president and general manager for service provider platforms and applications at Cisco. “During this project we truly transformed the way we develop and deliver video solutions, helping Vodafone use a single platform to deploy video services across all screens, bridging from their networks to OTT.”

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