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Lovefilm Partners with Onyx Browser for WatchNow Service
More connected television and set-top box viewers will be able to see Lovefilm's instant library.

European movie and TV subscription service Lovefilm is widening its distribution by launching its WatchNow service on Oregan Network's Onyx media browser. This will let more set-top and connected television viewers access LoveFilm's content.

As a result, Lovefilm's instant viewing content will be available on Cello iViewer televisions and DigitalStreams DPS-1000 set-top boxes. Since Oregan's browser uses open standards, Lovefilm says it can easily be added to other streaming devices.

The Onyx browser can be added as a pre-installed app to new TVs and set-top boxes, or as a remote upgrade for existing devices.

Lovefilm's WatchNow library includes thousands of film and TV titles. WatchNow service is already available on Sony and Samsung televisions, as well as the Sony PlayStation game console.

"This agreement is another significant step forward in our strategy to offer the Lovefilm service through as many Internet-connected devices as possible, enabling us to deliver thousands of films and TV shows to our members. Oregan and Lovefilm have combined their leading technologies and content to create an application for an open platform meaning that we now have the ability to easily-and quickly-offer the Lovefilm service through even more Internet-connected devices in the future," says Simon Calver, Lovefilm's CEO.

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