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Local SVOD Services Beating Netflix in the Nordics
Netflix only accounts for 49.1% of streaming subscriptions in the Nordics, compared to 71% in the rest of Western Europe. The news comes ahead of the Northern Waves conference in Oslo this week.

Conventional wisdoms says that, when it comes to subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services, Netflix is the one to beat. But that's not true in Nordic markets, according to new research from Ampere Analysis.

First reported in Broadband TV News, the new data shows that Netflix's market share in the Nordics is just over 49%, compared to almost 71% in the rest of Western Europe. Local SVOD providers in the market account for most streaming service subscriptions, says Ampere, which points specifically to offerings such as Viaplay, TV2Play, C More, and localized versions of HBO. The only other markets in Western Europe where Netflix doesn't dominate are Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Norway and Denmark lead the way for SVOD adoption amont all Western European countries, with 75% and 67% subscription rates, respectively. Both Finland and Sweden have adoption rates above 40% as well. 

When it comes to content, crime thrillers such as The Bridge have become synonymous with Nordic television, finding fans not just in the region but worldwide. But while "Nordic Noir" still dominates linear TV in Scandinavia—accounting for 52% of all shows in development or production—that's not true for streaming-only services, where the genre only accounts for 39% of soon-to-be-aired shows, with 22% being comedies.

“The Nordic countries are home to the most dynamic streaming TV markets in Europe and local players have had to deal with a rapid transition of TV viewers to streaming services," said Ampere analyst Elinor Clark. "Content is now the key battleground and, while Nordic Noir has served the region well, there is indication that local players will now look to develop comedy and period drama as the next big push.”

This week, leaders in the Nordic streaming market will meet in Oslo for the second-annual Northern Waves event put on by Norigin Media, featuring speakers from Viaplay, TV2 Sumo, Canal Digital, Discovery Networks Norway, Com Hem, and more. Tickets are still available.

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