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Kantar Lets Customers Track Modified Videos
While other tools only track official syndication, Kantar will monitor even edited content.

Thanks to a partnership with Anvato, Kantar's Videolytics platform will let customers track videos even if they've been edited and modified. Kantar Video, a division of communications services group WPP, launched in beta two months ago, and today it's announcing a key partnership that will be part of the public launch later this year. Kantar will get video syndication and tracking technology from Anvato that will let customers get accurate performance and user metrics no matter where their video appears.

Called Kantar Track, the offering can track videos even when they've been modified by users and distributed beyond the controlled syndication put in place by the content provider. Anvato's technology is often used to monitor for copyright infringement. It combines audio and visual pattern recognition to create a fingerprint that lets it identify and track videos.

"As long as a human being can tell it's the same video, the Kantar Track technology, powered by Anvato's Perceptual Signature, will be able to track it," says Alper Turgut, co-founder and CEO of Anvato.

Targeted at global brands launching online video campaigns, Kantar Video will go beyond traditional analytics and offer detailed demographics on viewers. It's currently in private beta with several major brands.

"We are pleased to help power the Kantar Videolytics platform, which is poised to revolutionize online and mobile video syndication, measurement, and optimization," says Turgut.