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Ipercast Heads to the Cloud
Customers will be able to use APIs or web interface to access Ipercast's new cloud services

Video over IP specialist Ipercast is to take its services into the cloud. In a Streaming Media Europe announcement, the Paris-headquartered company says the move will happen next month.

“This is not just cloud for cloud's sake but to give our customers the flexibility to build and scale with our services,” said Marina Sirotkin, UK country manager. “Customers will have the power to select the services they want by using an API and through a web interface. Moreover they won't need to pay a fixed fee but pay according to use.”

Ipercast offers an array of technologies including player, content management, and CDN for clients, including UK radio station Absolute Radio and broadcaster Channel 4.

“It can be a complete turnkey solution or a pick and mix allowing clients to use their own infrastructure and complement the bit and pieces they are missing,” said Sirotkin. “For us, being able to monetise content for our customers across all platforms is key. We have very good customisation solutions and we develop everything in-house. With Ipercast the OVP truly becomes another revenue stream.”