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Half of Germans Could Imagine Streaming Their TV: TNS Infratest
46 percent of those surveyed could imaging exclusively streaming all their video, an increase from 60 percent over the previous year.

While most people in Germany get their television from either an antenna or a cable or satellite service, 46 percent say they can imagine a time when all their video is streamed over the internet. That comes from a survey commissioned by Zattoo, a TV provider, and created by market research company TNS Infratest. That figure shows a 60 percent increase over the number that could imagine an all-streaming future in the previous year's survey. TNS Infratest questioned over 1,000 people age 15 or higher.

Streaming could face rapid adoption in Germany, where most households have a large bandwidth internet connection, notes Jörg Meyer, Zatoo's director for content and customers. He notes that today's streaming services offer improved quality, content, and user interfaces than they did before. However, data caps from some online providers could slow the rate of adoption.

The most popular video streaming destination for Germans is YouTube, following by TV channel catch-up apps, VOD services, and TV live streams.

Although nearly half of Germans could imagine exclusively streaming all their video, Germany and the rest of Europe are a long way from there. Measurement company Nielsen today released a survey showing global attitudes toward over-the-top (OTT) video, and found that only 11 percent of Europeans currently pay for a streaming video service. Streaming subscription services are most popular in North America, where 35 percent pay for one or more of them.

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