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Grabyo Adds Square and Vertical Video Editing for Social Sharing
With Grabyo's latest addition, content creators can share square and vertical clips instantly on a variety of social networks.

Thanks to smartphone use and the rise of Snapchat in particular, vertical videos are taking off. People like shooting vertically since they can hold their phones in a natural position, and they like viewing vertical videos on their phones, as well. Grabyo, a London-based company that helps content creators share video clips, now supports square and vertical formats so that that publishers can distribute clips more effectively on all social networks.

Available in public beta, Grabyo’s software now lets users edit horizontal (16:9) video into square (1:1) or vertical (9:16) resolutions. Grabyo lets users work with live streams, select the exact frames they want to share, and create clips in three aspect ratios. They can distribute that content to their social network accounts and view performance metrics in real-time. Users can also schedule clips to go live at a certain date.

“Video optimised for mobile viewing is a growing trend, but publishers did not have access to the tools needed to deliver this content in the right format at the right time,” says Gareth Capon, Grabyo’s CEO. “With our latest update, Grabyo has introduced a smart, easy, and fast method of creating, editing and sharing video in vertical and square video formats. We are excited to bring this revolutionary product to market and accelerate the adoption of mobile-first video formats that have proved so popular with consumers around the world.”

Watch the video below to see how Grabyo converts horizontal clips to vertical.

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