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Germany's Clipkit Highlights Company and Video Syndication Growth
Syndication is the driving force for online video, Clipkit says, with sports, news, and entertainment the most popular content.

German video marketing and advertising company Clipkit is making some noise about its impressive growth, and that of online video syndication in general. According to comScore's December Video Metrix for Germany, Berlin-based Clipkit reached 9.32 million unique viewers within the country, with a reach of 19.95 percent of all German online video viewers. Clipkit says that's a 225 percent improvement in one year.

Clipkit's growth comes from online video syndication, often providing video to sites that have never offered it.

“In order to become a viable competitor against TV, video content needs to be made accessible on every website”, says Mathias Blüm, Clipkit's managing director. “The key to achieving this in the future is data-driven video content syndication."

How successful is video syndication? Clipkit sites a Freewheel report that says that 63 percent of U.S. online video ad views come from syndicated video. With that kind of weight, Clipkit says syndication is the driving force of the entire online video industry.

Looking at Germany, Clipkit sites comScore figures that show the country's top video marketers combined achieve a 37.6 percent market share through syndication. That means roughly 38 percent of German online video viewers watch clips streamed by syndication networks.

The most popular categories for syndicated video content are sports, news, and entertainment, notes Clipkit.

“Both globally and in Germany, video will be taken to the next level by current innovations and implementations like context-sensitive approaches, programmatic selling, and big data,” predicts Blüm.

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