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Edgeware Announces Origin Accelerator for Lowering OTT Costs
Delivering hundreds of channels to millions of customers is a costly challenge, says the company.
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Hoping to find customers in the OTT and pay TV markets, video delivery company Edgeware introduced the D-VDN Origin Accelerator at the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam. The Accelerator is targeted to OTT and TVE providers dealing with rising costs due to expanding content, bitrates, and formats. It works by offloading and load balancing origin ingest and playout functions, and is able to use low-cost hardware and file systems when the operator needs to provide redundant storage or transcoding. Edgeware says that customers can use lower cost hardware even in use cases involving the simultaneous recording of hundreds of channels and streaming to tens of millions of customers.

“As channel line-ups and content libraries grow, it was only logical for Edgeware to package our acceleration technology to solve scalability issues in the multiscreen headend,” says Jon Haley, vice president of product marketing and business development at Edgeware. “We are very excited about the new D-VDN Origin Accelerator, particularly due to the increasing number of new cloud TV and DVR service providers that will benefit from it.”

The Origin Accelerator reduces complexity and performance requirements, leading to cost savings, says Edgeware. It showed off the Origin Accelerator at this week's IBC exhibition in Amsterdam.

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