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Dailymotion to Relaunch in June, Emphasizing Premium Content
The YouTube competitor will relaunch with a daily curated playlist of premium content, but will it be able to clean up its image and attract major partners?

How does a video sharing site compete with the behemoth of YouTube? For Dailymotion, the answer is emphasizing premium content.

According to reports, Dailymotion is planning a major relaunch for June, one that will serve premium videos in a curated feed and downplay user-generated clips. "We want to highlight the 'daily' in Dailymotion," Maxime Saada, the company's CEO, told Variety. The relaunch will also highlight live events, and is intended to appeal to viewers age 18 to 49.

The relaunch won't happen on all platforms at once. iOS and Android app users will see the changes first, along with Apple TV owners. It will then spread to Google Chromecast and Microsoft Xbox devices, followed by Android TV boxes and Sony PlayStations.

The company will continue to accept and stream user-generated videos, but won't highlight them. The site doesn't monetize user-generated clips, which should help advertisers feel more secure.

Dailymotion has a reputation for being friendly to pirated content, but it's trying to change that. Since Vivendi took a 90 percent share of the company in June 2015, it's been working to remove infringing and sexual material. It remains to be seem if the site has done enough to attract premium partners: So far, only Universal Music Group is listed as a content partner, and it's owned by Vivendi. The clean-up isn't happening quickly enough for some: In January, the Moscow City Court banned Dailymotion nationwide for not acting on repeated charges of infringement. The court directed Russia's ISPs to block access to the site.

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