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Dailymotion Expands Live Video Streaming to Creative Partners
Qualified "Motionmakers" can now use Dailymotion as a free live streaming platform.

Video-sharing site Dailymotion already offered live video streaming to paid premium users, but now it's offering the service to creative partners, as well. The site invites independent video producers to apply to a be a "Motionmaker." Those approved as Motionmakers can now use Dailymotion for live video streaming.

To create a live event, Motionmakers need to supply a live feed using their own equipment, and Dailymotion will do the rest. Live streams can be restricted to certain viewers or open to everyone. They can also be embedded on other sites or even social networks.

If they prefer, Motionmakers can build custom platforms for their streams and enter a revenue-sharing agreement with Dailymotion. Live streams can be paired with social features, so viewers can chat about the video.

Live video streaming has been a Dailymotion premium feature for the past year, and a company representative noted that the site has already streamed over 50 million hours of live video. Viewers looking for current and upcoming live streams will find it at Dailymotion's live directory page.

Earlier this month, Dailymotion entered a revenue-sharing agreement with Blinkx that brings Dailymotion's library of over 30 million videos to the Blinkx site. Dailymotion shows ads on that content, splitting the revenue with Blinkx.

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