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Customer Satisfaction Relies on Content Discovery: IHS Markit
When people can easily find new movies and shows to watch, they like the overall experience. The challenge is getting them to use content discovery features.

For streaming services, simple content discovery and overall satisfaction go hand-in-hand. That's the conclusion of analysis created by London-based marketing research company IHS Markit after surveying streaming customers in the U.K., U.S., Germany, Brazil, and Japan. Of respondents who rated a service's user experience poor, writes IHS executive director Maria Rua Aguete, 18 percent find content by clicking through channels. And when customers give high ratings to a service's content discovery, they also give positive ratings to the overall user experience.

One challenge for streaming video services is getting customers to use their content discovery tools. Only 7 percent of the people IHS surveyed find content primarily through their connected TV or device's recommendations.

IHS found differences in how people in different countries prefer to discover content. In Germany, 60 percent turn to a TV guide, whether physical or digital, to find programs. In Brazil, the most popular option is using the search tools built into video services. 

Age is also a factor in how people discover content. People 17- to 34-years-old often use search tools. For those 55-years-old and above, a TV guide is the most popular choice. 

"For video providers, the complexity surrounding content discovery is matched only by its potential reward," Aguete writes. "There is a plethora of content being produced; the key now is to match it to the right audience."

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