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BuyDRM and Fraunhofer Collaborate on HBO Go App
Streaming Media West attendees got a first look—and listen—at HBO Europe's HBO Go Android app.

At the recent Streaming Media West conference in Los Angeles, attendees got a look at HBO Europe's HBO Go app, which includes BuyDRM MPEG DASH support and Fraunhofer IIS surround sound.

Attendees were able to view scenes from "Boardwalk Empire" on an Android phone that uses the European app. It includes BuyDRM's secure video playback client, which promises uninterrupted playback even over changing network conditions. To accomplish this, BuyDRM combined MPEG DASH support and Microsoft PlayReady DRM, using video and audio codecs that are included in the Android 4.1 operating system.

The HBO Go app also offers built-in AAC surround sound from Fraunhofer.

"Our AAC family of audio codecs now ships with every Android 4.1 device, allowing service providers to deliver the best possible consumer experience to a variety of devices" says Harald Popp, head of multimedia real-time systems at Fraunhofer. "We do this by combining the highest coding efficiency with the dynamic ability to change audio bitrates in order to adapt to changing network conditions."

Both BuyDRM and Fraunhofer are members of the DASH Industry Forum. In May of this year BuyDRM was acquired by Inisoft. At that time, it expanded to become a software platform that lets software agents enable the delivery of encrypted content.

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