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BT and thePlatform Sign Expanded Video Publishing Agreement
thePlatform's MPX system will manage online video publishing, rights management, and more for BT TV.

BT has signed an expanded multiyear video publishing agreement with thePlatform, a white label video publishing company and independent subsidiary of Comcast. Under the new agreement thePlatform's MPX system will become BT TV's online video publishing system, and thePlatform will support other online video efforts. MPX is a video management system the handles video ingest, metadata management, coordination with recommendation services, subscriber management, rights enforcement, and publishing to set-top boxes.

The agreement expands on the previous relationship between BT and thePlatform, where BT's IP-based television services used thePlatform for video management. With this new agreement, thePlatform will continue to provide that service for BT's YouView+ box, hosting the service from its European datacenter.

“At BT, we’re committed to bringing U.K. subscribers an exceptional in-home video experience, and thePlatform plays a critical role behind-the-scenes to make that happen,” says Greg McCall, chief operating officer for television and content at BT. “By expanding our relationship with thePlatform, we are leveraging its locally hosted infrastructure and secure cloud-based software to give us the speed, flexibility, and scalability required to meet our evolving needs.”

In July, thePlatform and Verizon Digital Media Services announced they were working together to create an end-to-end multiscreen video delivery solution.

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