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Atos Origin Offers Customizable Sport Experience
Viewers will be able to personalize their online sport viewing experience with white label service.

IT services company Atos Origin is targeting telecoms, sports associations, and rights holders with its automated white label solution, “New Media in Sport.”

The service gives a great deal of flexibility to viewers not only in what they watch, but in how they watch it. Viewers can select their own camera angles and their favorite experts and commentators. They can also indicate their favorite teams or players. The results is a viewing experience uniquely customized to that viewer. Even the ads are driven by user data.

“Atos Origin is ahead of the game to help telecom companies with more than just strategy. We are rolling out a ready-to-go new media framework that will blow away the end-consumer,” says Miguel Ángel Morcuende, the new media director at Atos Origin. “When you engage with Atos Origin for New Media in Sport services, you gain a platform for highly differentiated sports positioning. This will lead to increased revenue and a heightened profile as a new media player”.

Atos Origin is offering this as a fully-managed solution, handling the offer processing, storage, transaction processing, distribution, and advertising for clients. The company is currently showing off the New Media in Sport platform at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.