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Akamai and Türk Telekom Partner on Operator CDN
Using Akamai's Aura Network Solutions, Turk Telekom will stream high-quality content and create revenue opportunities.

In a joint press conference held in London, representatives of Akamai and Türk Telekom announced that the two companies are working together to create an operator content delivery network (OCDN) in Turkey. The two have signed a strategic partnership and will partner on building and managing a high-capacity network for the purpose of streaming high-quality video and other content.

Viewers both inside and outside the country stand to benefit from the OCDN. For Turkish residents, it will mean increased speed and improved performance with content delivered via broadband and mobile networks. Those outside the country will be able to stream high-quality video from Turkish media companies.

The OCDN will use Akamai's Aura Network Solutions to insure faster access to content for both national and international viewers. With content placed at the edge of the Türk Telekom infrastructure, viewers should experience faster streaming and download times, reduced latency, and an overall better experience. According to Tom Leighton, Akamai's CEO and co-founder, Aura will let Türk Telekom create compelling new services and satisfy consumer demand, while also driving revenue opportunities.

"Our partnership with Türk Telekom is a great way for both companies to bring new, innovative services to market and assist companies doing business inside the country and within the region," said Leighton.

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