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ANEVIA - Executive Predictions for 2020
Laurent Lafarge CEO | ANEVIA | ANEVIA.COM
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TV operators are spending more and more on content just to stay competitive – but the return on investment just isn’t there. So I think we’ll see new ways of monetising content in 2020.

What will these new ways of monetising be? I see two that have great potential for creating new sources of revenues. The first one is targeted advertising. Advertisers want to target their audiences on an individual level. They want to know exactly who is viewing their ads. And they are willing to pay for that. Now that the technology is available, TV service providers will increasingly be offering dynamic ad insertion.

The other is cloud DVR. By keeping their subscribers’ cherished memories, TV operators can reduce churn, of course. But they can also find new sources of revenues, for example by charging a premium for storing more recordings, or for keeping the recordings for a longer time. So storage capacity becomes really important. And with the climate crisis that we all know, storage optimisation will become essential – the ability to store huge amounts of data without adding loads of servers that emit more CO2.

Of course, another crucial area for television is live events, to drive large audiences. And here, it’s the ability to offer a broadcast-equivalent experience that is paramount – which means the ability to reduce glass-to-glass latency to around 5 seconds. Many companies are still struggling with this but technical solutions do exist already, and I expect they will be increasingly adopted in 2020.

Laurent Lafarge