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Videoplaza Explains the Value of Ads to a Live Event Business
Creating a scalable live event business from scratch is a risky enterprise. One way to play down that risk is by bringing in ads.

Many content owners are reaching into live online events to attract viewers and differentiate themselves from their competitors. The equipment needed is quite different than for on-demand video, and the risks are higher, explained Stephen Byrne, commercial director U.K. and NL for ad management platform Videoplaza at the recent Streaming Forum conference in London.

"It's a complete gamble when you're running a live event business how much this is going to cost you. You don't know how many concurrent visitors you're going to get. You typically have to estimate two or three times the size of the event just to make sure you can meet the potential demand, and that's really very costly," Byrne explained. "You have to pay a lot of money to build those things out and to make sure your server infrastructure is strong enough."

One way to defray those expenses is by building advertising into the live event.

"I would argue that instead of risking that model, why not tie that cost to the revenue opportunity that comes from advertising?" Byrne asked. "The great thing about advertising is that it's all done on an ad-impression basis, so you only make money when you've sold the ad, and you only sell the ad when somebody's seen it. It's a great way to de-risk the infrastructure cost and align that so there's correlation between your costs and your revenue."

For more on creating a scalable live event business, watch the video below and download Byrne's presentation.

How to Build a Scalable Live Event Business

Live broadcasts can help content owners to differentiate themselves and increase their available inventory. However, live monetisation of events across platforms has been too challenging to achieve. This how-to presentation provides publishers and media owners with practical ideas for building a future-proofed, highly scalable cross-device live monetisation toolbox.

Mikael Mathison, Commercial Product Manager, Videoplaza
Stephen Byrne, Commercial Director UK & NL, Videoplaza

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