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Three Reasons Broadcasters Should Use Real-Time Clip Sharing
Don't wait until a live event is over to share video clips online. Do it while the event is taking place to get the most benefit.

The time to share clips from a live broadcast event isn't after the event is over, but while it's still going on. That was the message from Matt Charles, head of media for Grabyo, speaking at the recent Streaming Forum conference in London. First off, Charles explained how real-time clips are different from highlights.

"We're talking about real-time video as opposed to highlights. Highlights are typically very curated, have time to go to edit suite, they take a lot of time and resource to then deliver back to the audience," Charles said. "Whereas real-time, what we're trying to do really is capture the audience and create extra value for a broadcaster."

There are three strong reasons why a broadcaster would share clips during a live event:

"Why would you share real-time video?" Charles asked. "The first reason really is to engage the audience. Your audience is on social platforms. You know they're there. You want to get content out to them.

"You want to drive tune-in. Being a broadcaster doing traditional TV linear broadcast or broadcasting streams, like many people here today are doing on the web, it's key and very difficult to drive people back to those streams. So, by sharing very short snippets of short-form content you can drive people back into the live environment.

"And finally, to make some money. We're all here to do that. Real-time clip sharing has a big opportunity for broadcasters to go to monetize their content."

For more on sharing short videos in real-time, watch the presentation below.

Real-Time Clip Sharing

This session draws on high-profile case studies from Champions League, Heineken Cup Rugby and others to explore new revenue and fan engagement opportunities presented to broadcasters and rights holders by real-time video across Twitter, Facebook, web and mobile. Speed and simplicity are critical - the commercial model is driven by brand association with premium content, and the growing importance of social video campaigns like Twitter Amplify.

Presenter Matt (Charlie) Charles, Head of Media, Grabyo

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