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Streaming Media Podcast #24: Sorenson Media
An interview with Peter Csathy, the new president of Sorenson Media, about the company's plans for expansion and new updates to Sorenson Squeeze coming in Q2.
Wed., Mar. 25, by Jan Ozer

I recently spoke with Peter Csathy, new president of Sorenson Media, about his plans for the company. One interesting tidbit is that Sorenson will expand to three times its current size within a year, including opening an office in San Diego. Beyond that, while Csathy was general about his product related plans, he did state that new products should start appearing in the not to distant future.

The conversation won’t be mistaken for the Nixon/Frost interviews, but Csathy and Squeeze product manager Randon Morford, who joined Csathy on the call, had some interesting comments on upcoming products, and how Squeeze will continue to remain valuable in the face of increasingly useful bundled products like Apple Compressor and the Adobe Media Encoder. The overarching concept, which came through many times in the conversation, was much tighter integration with customer workflows.

Perhaps more important for current Squeeze users, Morford disclosed that Sorenson just received an updated software development kit from codec partner Main Concept that resolve a bug, first reported in our initial review of Squeeze 5, that causes random key frames to appear significantly degraded. He commented that a free update fixing the problem should be available by the end of Q2.

To listen, click here.