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Stream UK Will Offer Live HTTP Video of Streaming Media Europe
Viewers behind corporate firewalls won't have any trouble watching this year's sessions.

Streaming Media Europe 2010 is only one day away, and even in you can't join in the fun in person in London, you can view the events online. This time, however, you'll be able to see them over streaming HTTP. Digital media company Stream UK is again streaming the conference live, but this time is offering live HTTP streaming video. Stream UK and Level 3 are partnering to shoot and serve the video, and will be delivering the keynotes from YouView and Red Bee Media, as well as four of the sessions each day at http://sme.streamuk.com.

Having an HTTP stream will help viewers behind corporate firewalls. The video stream is now handled by a proxy server, which relieves the network of the need to handle multiple streams. It also avoids problems with firewall configurations.

"This is the protocol of the future," says Stream UK CEO Duncan Burbidge. "It is right for corporate viewers, for mobile viewers, for viewers on variable connections, and for those paying bandwidth costs. I can honestly say it's the single most important advance we have made in the last decade."

While Stream UK will record all of Streaming Media Europe's conference sessions, seminars, and keynote speakers for on-demand viewing later, those interested in HTTP video should tune in at 10:30 AM (GMT) for the session "Understanding Adaptive Bitrate Technology and HTTP Video Delivery." They'll be able to learn about HTTP video while watching an HTTP video stream. You can view the stream here.

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